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A conversation about the Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum with Lisa Dale, Associate Director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. Hosted by Robert Colangelo. Listen here.


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Welcoming participants from across the United States and 10 other countries, Yale University professor Dan Esty opened the first-ever Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum Wednesday with his list of 10 ways society needs to adjust to ensure Earth is preserved for future generations.



Yale University professor, author and former Obama environment adviser Daniel Esty opened the final morning of his first-ever Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum waving the most recent edition of the New Haven Register.




The inaugural Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum was a truly global gathering of 40 sustainability experts in the fields of academia, law, public policy, politics, finance, business, health, energy and conservation. 



“Our speakers provided an overview of many of the most pressing sustainability challenges and a range of potential solutions,” Professor Esty said. “It is our hope that our attendees will use what they learned in the classroom to guide their thinking and planning as they address these issues in their own careers and lives.”


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The Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum is part of a larger effort to position sustainability leadership as a core aspect of a Yale education. One participant’s reflections suggest this program succeeded in its goal: “Beyond the intensive curriculum delivered by world-class scholars, I developed a number of strong professional connections and friendships at the Forum that will support my organization's sustainability work for years to come.”