Hearing from eminent academics and practitioners on a range of relevant and important topics on a non-siloed basis was hugely beneficial in gaining new insights and ideas that shifted my thinking on the ‘big picture’ while also being relevant to my day-to-day practice.
— Andrew Braggins, Berry Simons Environmental Law
Andrew Braggins.png

Ann Becker.png
The immersion with sustainability thought leaders - both presenters and participants - sparked for me fresh ideas for more effectively communicating forward-thinking strategies, actions and accomplishments to our key stakeholders.
— Ann Becker, Entergy Corporation

The Forum was an excellent opportunity for me to receive a compact overview of the main trends and challenges in our quest to transition to sustainable societies. Listening to and engaging with some of the field’s brightest minds and leading scholars was both inspiring and an opportunity to calibrate some aspects of my work so that I can be more effective and successful.
— Tanja Srebotjnak, Harvey Mudd College
Tanja Srebotnjak.jpg

If sustainability is truly the defining framework for this century, this forum is an invaluable medium for grasping the critical issues and opportunities which will determine our planet’s continuing viability.
— Jonathan Steinberg, Connecticut General Assembly

The Forum, as a whole, was incredibly life changing... it allowed me to ‘connect the dots’ on a variety of factors that affect the work that I do on a daily basis within my role at work and how I view myself as a global citizen. I gained remarkable insight on how to articulate some of those issues within my work as a civic leader to affect local policies on the environmental practices within the communities that I serve.
— Tameka Pierre-Louis, Queens Public Library
Tameka Pierre-Louis.jpg

Gerardo Guerra.png
The Forum provided a balanced multidisciplinary assembly of specialists, researchers, academics, and experts on key sustainability issues further enriched by high-quality diverse participants that grounded the concepts with contemporary cases and practical examples.
— Gerardo Guerra, Hess Corporation (Mexico)

In less than three days, I gained two years worth of fresh expertise and updates about where we stand in the area of sustainability!
— Niels Planel, Green Climate Fund
Niels Planel.jpg

The speakers shared tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge across many disciplines, with a focus on practical, vetted solutions that deepened my understanding of sustainability challenges and solutions. I left feeling inspired that we do have the tools and potential to address and overcome the herculean challenges related to global sustainability.
— Kim Stevenson, Connecticut Green Bank

The Forum was an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest thinking in sustainability problems from the experts who are developing the financial, technological, and policy solutions on a national and international level.
— Jonathan Wagar, Duke Farms Foundation

Katie Ginsberg.png
We in the trenches of ‘sustainability’ work often get stuck in pessimistic and complex muddiness. Spending three days with top thought leaders and insightful, committed peers from around the world was an incomparable re-affirmation of our collective work. The cross-disciplinary and multiple-perspectives approach to the topic of global sustainability provides relevant and robust learning for all. For anyone who cares about the future of humanity, the Forum is a must.
— Katie Ginsberg, Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation

The Forum allowed me to participate in robust discussions with many of the leading thinkers in climate policy, environmental law, economics, and sustainable design. It expanded my horizons and left me feeling re-energized to tackle the immense sustainability challenges ahead.
— Brian Kramer, PepsiCo. Inc.
Brian Kramer.png

I have not been around this diverse and this interesting a group of people, who share common goals and hopes, for a long time. Once you add a wide range of faculty and practitioners to the mix, you end up with three very rewarding, incredibly thought provoking days. The Forum is a tremendous opportunity for anyone who cares about the megatrend of sustainability, be it from a personal, investment, political, or cultural perspective.
— Sunny Chu, Hermes GPE